Oh, Baby!

Fre’s guide to hosting a fabulous baby brunch

Celebrate the mom- and dad-to-be in style with a fun, fabulous baby brunch. We’ve put together a few tips to make hosting this special event easier than ever.

Oh, Baby!

Who’s coming?

These days, baby showers aren’t just for the girls—plenty of guys are getting in on the action. Whether it’s a ladies-only event, or a mixed party, plan your guest list and send out invitations several weeks in advance.

The playlist

Music always sets the mood—and breaks the ice. Here are a few songs we love for baby showers: Oooh Child (Five Stairsteps), Baby Love (the Supremes), You’re Having My Baby (Paul Anka), Stay Up Late (Talking Heads), Isn’t She Lovely (Stevie Wonder), Beautiful Boy (John Lennon), Rock a Bye Baby (Buddy Holly). Burn a DVD as a gift for the new parents.

On the menu

What ever you do, keep it simple! If you’re hosting a brunch, think quiches, scones, mixed greens, and fresh fruit salads served with Fre Baby New Year Mimosas! Or make it a trendy tapas theme, and pass around grilled shrimp, olives, Manchego cheese, and Marcona almonds served with Fre Sugar Kisses!


Take lots of photos during the party and create a special keepsake photo album for the parents-to-be! Feel like sharing? Upload photos of your baby shower on our FB page!

Recommended Recipes