Live Healthy with Fre

You’ve chosen a healthy lifestyle, and it shows.

Your running shoes are getting a work out, you’ve discovered that you do like kale, and you can finally squeeze into your favorite pair of old jeans. Well done! Living a healthier lifestyle takes commitment and, yes, some sacrifice, but you’ll feel—and look—better for the effort.

Live Healthy with Fre

counting calories?

When you’re counting calories, you can count on Fre! With less than half the calories, Fre delivers the same varietally-correct flavors and satisfaction as traditional wines. For example, an 8 oz. glass of Fre Chardonnay has just 66 calories, while an identical 8 oz. pour of regular Chardonnay has a whopping 180 calories. Your waistline will thank you for choosing Fre!

stay focused

When you need to be at your very best—whether it’s at the office party, a corporate event, or before an important race—pour Fre. You’ll stay focused and be in peak condition when it matters most. Try a Fre Cosmo-Not.

raise a glass to your health

When we make Fre, we don’t remove any of the good stuff—just the alcohol—so you can enjoy all of the health benefits of wine. Potent phytochemicals, including flavonoids and resveratrol, are naturally occurring antioxidants found in both traditional wine and Fre. These powerful compounds have been proven to reduce the risk of heart disease and raise HDL levels, better known as ‘good’ cholesterol. Cheers, indeed!

baby on board

With less than 0.5% alcohol in each serving of Fre, pregnant and nursing woman can safely enjoy all the pleasures of wine without worrying about posing any risk to their babies. Unwind with a glass of Fre Chardonnay—pregnant women can put their feet up (helps with swelling!) and new moms can grab a few minutes of well-deserved peace and quiet (helps with everything!).

eat—and drink—well

Moderation is the key to good health. Keeping portion sizes under control, enjoying a wide variety of foods, and watching your sugar and alcohol intake are part of a healthy lifestyle. Switch to Fre after you’ve had a glass of wine—not only will you save calories, but you’ll keep your edge.

mix up the fun

Whether you’re at home, or out at a favorite restaurant, Fre makes a healthy alternative. Try mixing up a mocktail for your friends—we really love the Berry Basil Mojito and Cosmo-Not. When you’re out on the town, ask the bartender about Fre. Many restaurants carry our wine and many bartenders would be happy to mix up a mocktail for you!

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