I Do!

Fre's guide to hosting a modern wedding shower

So, you’ve seen the ring (it’s gorgeous!) and have already promised to help shop for the perfect gown. Before all the pre-wedding craziness begins, celebrate the bride-to-be with a fabulous wedding shower. Where to begin? Start with Fre!

I Do!

Who’s coming?

Wedding showers can be formal affairs (think starched napkins and silver) or they can be fun, relaxed affairs (like picnics). In either event, this is often the first time many of the bride and groom’s friends and relatives will be meeting. Check with the couple to find out who ought to be included on the guest list. Send out an invitation at least 4-6 weeks before the event to allow important guests to make travel arrangements; consider sending out a save-the-date announcement. Some couples include their gift registry information on invitations—it’s a matter of personal preference.

Choosing a theme

Bridal showers used to be uptight affairs, but these days anything goes! Choose a theme that reflects the bride’s personality and you can’t go wrong. Time-honored classics like an elegant high tea, a casual family barbeque, or brunch are always winners.


Giving guests favors at the end of the celebration is an especially thoughtful touch. These can be as extravagant as small engraved boxes or as simple as pretty flowers. If you’re going with a theme, choose something complementary. For a high tea, a pretty china cup and saucer or fancy tea bags do the job. For a family get-together, a framed group portrait is great. Otherwise, choose something special like a pretty scented candle, bath salts or a beautifully wrapped bottle of wine—may we suggest Fre?

Setting the scene

Welcome guests with a festive drink. We love the flirty, fresh flavors of our Sparkling Sangria Cooler. For fun, rename the drink to honor the bride-to-be! Wherever you decide to host the party, this is an occasion to think pretty: lots of flowers, nice linens and stemware make the guests feel special. Using photographs of the bride and groom for decorations adds a personal touch—try framing small black and white photos for table centerpieces or place them on drink or buffet tables.

on the menu

If you’re hosting a brunch, think quiches, scones, mixed greens, and fresh fruit salads served with Fre Miss Behavin’! For a high tea that would please even the stuffiest great-aunt, serve elegant finger sandwiches, scones with strawberries, and pretty petit fours poured with classic Fre Brut. Or for a more down-home party, grill up some burgers, spicy ribs and chicken and mix up a pitcher of tasty Fre Berry Basil Mojito.


Take lots of photos during the party and create a special keepsake photo album for the happy couple! Feel like sharing? Upload photos of your wedding shower on our FB page!

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